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Getting to know us?

Well, here's something little to begin with…
Tan Teal Studio is a creative collaborative for the Design Conscious, led and founded by Architects Savnee Patharkar and Vedanka Keny.
At the studio, we offer end to end services, enriching the amalgamation of principles, ideas and concepts to nurture the best outcome for services to offer, ranging from interior designing, Architectural designing and landscaping.
Having named ourselves with two contrasting, yet miraculously complimenting colours, we lay the palette of a Project in a similar fashion, merging requirements and dreams with Tan & Teal, unfolding a new colour each time, as unique as the person it is made for!
If our story is making you curious, here’s a little more to share…
Both having graduated from Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture, their like yet unlike viewpoints, a shared passion & thoughts ( you’d think their minds were linked) and an unmistakable eye for designing in a way, just as fitting a jixo puzzle together!
Carving their path through various teachings, experiences and a hill in this case, over a trip in the beautiful fields of Spring, Tan Teal Studio was born.
Correlating with the colours in the name of the Studio, Savnee & Vedanka, both claim to be Tan & Teal themselves respectively. Ones who know them personally, might as well agree to it!

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About: Team

Principal Architect

Savnee Patharkar



Experimenting & exploring in a design run through her, just as exploring the city at the fingertips of her bike, each path running in her memory lane. Her inquisitive nature attempts to translate words into design and design into descriptive words again! 

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