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Services: Testimonial
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Dreams are threads, when knitted together results in beautiful piece of art. 
TTS are the needles which helps you knit your dream and make it the prettiest and most precious.
The best team to work with, their enthusiasm and perfection is on another level.

Thank you TTS for Sterling Smiles.

Dr. Neelam Mishra
Sterling Smiles

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घराचे इंटिरियर करण हा एक challenging विषय असतो.. प्रत्येकाच्या मनात वेगवेगळ्या कल्पना असतात. अश्या वेळी इंटिरियर करायला योग्य व्यक्ती मिळणं म्हणजे अहो भाग्यच म्हणायचं. पण मी नशीबवान म्हणून मला सावनी पाथरकर ही इंटिरियर designer लाभली आणि माझ घरं चकाचक झाल. सगळ कस तिथल्या तिथे

Prashant Damle
Kitchen-Study Switch


As a to-be married, we were looking for someone to renovate our home. We came across Tanteal Studio through an instagram post; and were happy that our work could start within a week 

Nishant & Sapna Rana

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I had pictured a minimalistic house which will have all kind of furniture, while keeping it uncluttered. TanTeal studio came up with a perfect design for my requirement. The interiors are minimalistic, yet contemporary. The white theme for the entire house makes the atmosphere very soothing and calm.
Would definitely recommend TanTeal studio to anyone who wants to have a perfect interior for their place. These girls are super creative and will offer a value for money proposition.

The Bold white

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Being fresh college graduates, with a big vision & dream to create our niche in the food industry, we had several ideas and inspirations to how we wanted our restaurant to look. But with Vedanka with us, we were able to implement everything we ever dreamt of. We wanted a young & funky look for our restaurant, but yet cost effective, which could easily be replicated for all future outlets & she gave us just that.


(Perpetual Vision)

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Tan Teal revamped the room in the most elegant way. all the elements turned out to be beautiful and perfectly complemented each other. Not many of them can actually put to use the old furniture, but there work with reusing our nearly 50 year old pure wood furniture.
There graceful and unique combinations made an impression and transformed the space.
We were pleased by the design but the finished product turned out to be truly amazing

Sanhita Bhagwat
The Subtle suite


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“A home isn’t just a place but a feeling”

Savnee and Vedanka we will always be grateful for the beautiful house you have given us.

Every corner in the house is pure art. 

The execution from design to reality was a process we enjoyed , it never felt like a professional relationship but more like friends working together ..

It was a real pleasure working with you and your team and hoping to work again in the near future

Rishi & Ashwini
The Mono Home

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I was amazed with the work Tanteal studios was doing! A special mention to the amazing dental clinic project they did with very restricted space. I knew then that they would be the ones designing my art studio. The studio has been everything I have dreamed off and beyond. Everyone who visits, is amazed with the aesthetics and the way everything flows so seamlessly. More so, it resonates with who I am. This is exactly what I wanted. ✨

A very, very happy client indeed.

Rachna Takawale


Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to Tanteal team all the work you have done for us in creating our amazing new space. We love it and were continually impressed by your professionalism, attention to detail, care and the support you provided us during this project.
-Team FryKing.



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