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A subtle suite

an ode to change of space, mind & use

Nahur, Mumbai

Area: 250 sq.ft

Set upon the reclamations of Mumbai, treating the walls right was of utmost importance in this canvas. While geographical situations were in hand, emotional sentiments had to be met too - in the form of a 50 year old wooden bed & Ganpati table!

The table been asked to keep intact and in its place, the bed wasn't to be used as it is nor discarded, oh and why would we, with the wonderful wood it had! Dismantled though we did and used it in several elements of the room - mirror frame, bed legs, curtain rods, chair!

An amalgamation was formed of the antique materials with the new we introduced, not forgetting the wall treatment ( yes those bricks on the walls are tiles to avoid leakage). With so many elements to be taken care of, the room yet looks in harmony, subtlety with a pinch of juxtaposition set in by the bathroom tiles against the bedroom floor, this suite has subtly touched hearts!

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